Pastor's Message

Pastors Message

Senior Pastor, Reverend Dr. Alice Purvis
Reverend Dr. Alice Purvis
September is the time of season change. School has started. The weather will bring witness to the advent of fall then winter. Those certain festivals and activities of the autumn will begin to be on our calendars. It makes me think of parades in fact and how much I enjoy them. They have a certain sameness about them, but yet each one is different. New faces, different music, the candy they throw might even be different from time to time. So it is a comfortable routine yet one that keeps us on our toes.

My hope is that church will be that way for us. We have certain requirements that should never change. Salvation through faith in Christ. The call to love God with our whole being and to love each other. Grace, forgiveness, sharing. The need to examine ourselves and open up to the work of the Holy Spirit. Humility.

But some things should change. We should look for and see the new faces. Outreach should reflect the realities of the world. Change should be the same reality for us that it was for those who literally followed Jesus some 2000 years ago. You see even then, Jesus was shaking things up. Telling folks that it was time to change out of old comfortable ruts and grow into life giving and life sharing love. Jesus preached a message of sacrificial acceptance and outreach, and lived it. He went to and hung out with those that world tended to frown on. He shared his love with everyone knowing some would receive and others would walk away. But he loved equally. When he died he died for both of the criminals that hung with him, the one who would not accept him and the one who did, even though it was the very last thing he did on earth.

The world no longer allows us a comfortable existence as Christians. We are no longer automatically accepted or experienced as the norm. We are growing into a time when we will have to make the case for who and why we are and be willing to suffer for our right to have our faith and our responsibility to be in mission to those who don't know Christ. No matter where they are. Pity isn't an option. Complacency is not an option. Living out love as Christ did, completely and sacrificially is the only option if we are to be true disciples of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Alice