Pastor's Message

Pastors Message

Senior Pastor, Reverend Dr. Alice Purvis
Reverend Dr. Alice Purvis
Matthew 1:19 "Joseph, to whom she was engaged, was a righteous man and did not want to disgrace her publicly, so he decided to break the engagement quietly." This one line of scripture has always spoken volumes to me about what our lives should look like, about the heart that should motivate our actions. I ponder on Joseph's lack of what we might consider normal reactions: anger, judgement, disappointment. To be free of these I think he must have had two things: a very solid sense of God in his life and a sure sense of his own worth, his own identity. He made a decided choice to not disgrace her, to care for her and who she was.

In any era that is a remarkable response to someone not living up to what was expected especially when that action potentially left a mark on our own reputation.

Whatever it is that Joseph had, I continue to want to grow into that kind of faith. A righteous man they called him. One whose faith was evident not just in words but in his walk. He lived out a faith that depended on God alone and treated others with a respect and love that can only come from that place of assurance.

Today I had a phone call from a salesman. A wonderful vacation plan if I would just commit so many dollars now to hold it then I could enjoy it any time in the next 6 months. I recognized what it was pretty quickly, but something in me (for a change) remembered this man was doing a job to earn a living and was doing me no harm. I listened, assured him it sounded like a good plan but right now, especially before the holidays just wasn't for me. He persisted of course, so I once again, said thanks, but no, you have a marvelous day.

Then with no plan to say it I heard my mouth saying to him, Thanks, I appreciate you. I then hung up, surprised at my words, wondering if he heard them. Perhaps it was accidental, but I realized yes, as one who depends entirely on God for everything, I have all I need to take that extra step to encourage, respect, to not need to be brusque or do harm. Maybe, just maybe, next time, I can find a way to do that on purpose and standing in the righteousness that God gives us through Christ's forgiveness can find ways to lift up, to not disgrace.

Maybe that will be the best Christmas gift I can bring.

Merry Christmas
Pastor Alice