Pastor's Message

Pastors Message

Senior Pastor, Reverend Dr. Alice Purvis
Reverend Dr. Alice Purvis
So, I turned 66 this year. For those of you wondering, no I'm not retiring. Mandatory retirement in the UMC is 72. Even then it is very common for retired pastors to continue ministry part time.  So, until I hear something from the Lord that is different, I continue doing what I believe I'm called to do.

One thing though that did come up that surprised me a bit, I was actually kind of excited about being 66. I'm not sure that has happened since I turned 16 and could start driving on my own. It was an odd feeling but there just the same. Somehow a combination of knowing I had survived this long, that I have a life time of experience and knowledge that most of the time work together to help me with my calling, that it is really an o.k. thing to be this age and to enjoy life. So, I find myself walking around just smiling. Cause life is good. God is good and all that I am is to the glory of God who has grown me, healed me, taught me and especially through Christ declared that I am worth everything, through Christ's death on the cross.

Life of course isn't always easy even when we are resting in God's peace and joy. Heartbreak, frustrations even anger still happens.  I guess it's a good thing to remember at any age to remember all God has done for us, all that God continues to bring us through, and that we can rest in Christ in all circumstances.

So maybe together as we walk into the future, into uncertain times, we can help each other remember that God is good, that God is walking with us and we can smile and rest in the joy of knowing God is with us in every moment.

Yours in Christ
Pastor Alice