Springs and Sprouts

Springs and Sprouts
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Welcome to Sprigs & Sprouts
Grades K – 4th

This program is for elementary aged children in grades K-4. We meet at the church from 8:00-3:15 on staff development days during the school year.  Each year we will advertise which dates those will be and invite your children to attend.  The day includes breakfast and lunch, faith based lessons, recreation, crafts and more. 

Sprigs and Sprouts

Our youth ministry team, Steve Staker, John Chenoweth and Pastor Alice are working on a youth event for April 21st, a staff development day when school is out, for the community kids grades K-4th. Planning is in the works and we would love to hear from anyone who could be available that day, either part or all of the 8-3 time slot, to help out. As well, what are you interested in doing? Teaching? Cooking? Recreation? Assisting? Set up? Registration? Music? Shepherding? Planning?

It has been at least two years since we have been able to do Sprigs and Sprouts. We were able to provide VBS last summer! We hope to find a way to revive in some form or other our Sprigs and Sprouts ministry and appreciate your prayers for this process. We all know that there are many youth in our community who need to know Jesus and his love! If you are able to help please contact the office 378-2764 or Pastor Alice at pastoraliceumc@gmail.com.

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